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New Perspectives in Quantum Foundations

Guest Editor
Cristian Mariani
Invited Contributors
Nicolas Gisin & Flavio Del Santo
Vincent Lam & Daniele Oriti
Owen Maroney
Gerard Milburn
Thomas Müller & Tomasz Placek
Alyssa Ney
Carlo Rovelli
David Wallace
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Despite it being over a century since the birth of quantum physics, the conceptual and philosophical implications of this theory are still among the most discussed topics in philosophy of science and naturalistic metaphysics. Recent years have seen a partial change of focus in the debate on quantum foundations, which has moved from a discussion of the various interpretations of the theory to what David Wallace has called an ‘interpretation-neutral’ analysis of some of the crucial features of the formalism—such as superposition, entanglement, the meaning of the wavefunction, and non-locality. The aim of this collection is to reflect this shift in the debate, by including original contributions on topics such as (but not limited to):
– The metaphysics of entanglement and non-locality;
– The meaning of the wavefunction;
– Quantum indeterminacy:
– Novel or neglected interpretations of the formalism;
– Quantum foundations and the metaphysics of spacetime.
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