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We are pleased to invite to participate to the third School on Quantum Foundations dedicated to Prof. GianCarlo Ghirardi.

“Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics 2023”, September 13-15, 2023, Trieste, Italy.

Prof. GianCarlo Ghirardi (1935-2018) was a leading figure in the foundations of quantum mechanics and among the first proponents of the so-called “Collapse Models”, introduced to solve the measurement problem. The school will introduce Master and PhD students to the still outstanding problems in our understanding of quantum foundations. To give a deep look into the foundations of quantum mechanics, lectures will be given by experts in the field. An extensive time will be dedicated to selected contributed talks.

Registration is mandatory, the use form is at the school website page (link below). There is no fee; participants will have to cover their travel and local expenses.

List of lecturers
Stefano Ansoldi (University of Udine)
Nicola Poli (Universtiy of Florence)
Ward Struyve (KU Leuven)
Andrea Trombettoni (University of Trieste)

List of speakers (TBC)
Steve Campbell (University College Dublin)
Dario Chisholm (Queen’s University Belfast)
Mario Arnolfo Ciampini (University of Vienna)
Lajos Diósi (Wigner Research Centre)
José Luis Gaona Reyes (University of Trieste)
Anirudh Gundhi (University of Trieste)
Lucía Menendez-Pidal de Cristina (Complutense University of Madrid)
Andrea Smirne (University of Milan)
Hendrik Ulbricht (University of Southampton)
Linda van Manen (University of Jena)
Andrea Vinante (Bruno Kesser Foundation)
Giorgio Zicari (Queen’s University Belfast)

Angelo Bassi – University of Trieste, Italy
Matteo Carlesso – University of Trieste, Italy and Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Sandro Donadi – Queen’s University Belfast, UK


REGISTRATION is open till 01/09/2023, and can be done on the school website

Kindly forward this email to everyone you think might be interested in joining the school,

The Organizers


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