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2024 TSC Conference Themes
Cortical Oscillations and Traveling Waves
Psychedelics and Psychoplastogens
Astrobiology and Astroconsciousness
Dual Aspect Monism
Megahertz EEG and DoDecoGraphy (DDG)
Theories of Consciousness
Consciousness and Reality
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Consciousness
Monitoring Consciousness in Altered States
Searching for Consciousness in Cerebral Organoids
Brain Symmetry
Microtubule Time Crystals – Virtual Reality Experience

Keynote Speakers
Earl K Miller
Susan Schneider
Dante Lauretta
Anirban Bandyopadhyay
Plenary Speakers
Tanya Luhrmann
Donald Hoffman
Steven Laureys
Brian Muraresku
George Mashour
Sir Roger Penrose
Caleb Scharf
Hartmut Neven
Pieter-Jan Maes
Deepak Chopra
Sawsan Wehbi
Stuart Hameroff
Harald Atmanspacher
Dinesh Pal
Alysson Muotri
Dean Rickles
Paavo Pylkkanen
Santosh A. Helekar
Bill Seager
Zirui Huang
Aaron Schurger
Dimitris Pinotsis
Andre Bastos
Pulin Gong

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