Call for papers: special issue of the Annales de la Fondation de Broglie commemorating the 100th anniversary of Louis de Broglie’s founding work on the matter wave hypothesis.

100 years ago, Louis de Broglie, faced with the crisis of the physics of his time, proposed a hypothesis, which, in the words of Einstein, “lifts a corner of the great veil”. This hypothesis, the existence of matter waves, will constitute the starting point of modern quantum mechanics.

These revolutionary ideas have been commemorated during the “100 years of matter waves” Conference held in July 2023, with three days of presentations and discussions on contemporary aspects of matter waves; see link.

Following this conference, we intend to publish a special issue of the Annales de la Fondation de Broglie , to be finalized in 2024, 100 years after the publication of de Broglie’s doctoral thesis, incorporating de Broglie’s three articles on matter waves published in 1923.

The submission deadline is March 1, 2024.
Instructions for authors are available on the website.

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